animal animal_ears aqua_eyes big_boss black_eyes black_hair blonde_hair boots bow bowser brown_hair cape chibi cigarette collar crown donkey_kong_(series) doubutsu_no_mori dragon_quest dragon_quest_xi eyepatch fang gashi-gashi glasses green_eyes green_hair greninja group gun hat headband hero_(dq11) inkling japanese_clothes kid_icarus kimono king_k._rool long_hair luigi male mario mega_man mega_man_(character) metal_gear metal_gear_solid metroid mewtwo palutena parody pink_eyes pokemon ponytail purple_eyes red_eyes red_hair samus_aran scarf shirt short_hair smoking splatoon staff suit sunglasses super_mario super_mario_bros super_smash_bros. tail tentacles tie umbrella waifu2x weapon

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