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Thinks she's a boy hahah XD
onisonfire said:
Thinks she's a boy hahah XD
Nah, she's a lil babby goil. She's the daughter of the older women in the apron. It's part of an original series of images by this artist.

Edit: Oh, unless you meant "SHE thinks..." In that case, sorry for misunderstanding. ^_^ There's some hypnosis involved in the story so that might have something to do with it?
It's a trend to put girls in some boys swimwear.
Swim shorts ARE comfy af.
Oh yes they are!
I switched to them years ago. But I combine mine with a bikini top. Not going blank though.
you know, we got these girls doing the whole 'go in a boys swimsuit thing', yet i dont see any boys in girls swim wear. when we getting boys in bikinis?
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BattlequeenYume said:
It's a trend to put girls in some boys swimwear.
hol up so you telling me tomboy weren't a thing like 15+ years ago back then? hmm... Japanese 18+ game lied to me.
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