ass cameltoe gray_eyes gray_hair long_hair no.21 punishing:_gray_raven robot torn_clothes watermark zhehewofu_huayou_shemeguanx

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I'm looking and looking, but I can't see why this is Explicit. This seems like it could be tagged as "Safe"
Well she doesn't seem to have panties or shorts on, and there is the hint of a cleft between her legs.
Ah, I see cleft now. But I didn't think she was bottomless. It looks like all 1 piece of clothing with the tights, due to the color difference between her shoulder and her butt.
I considered that possibility, but thigh-highs with such leggings isn't something I've ever seen before. I wrote the differing skin tone off to shading. Since I don't know who the character is, I can't cross reference this with her in-game design.
No.21 seems to be wearing shorts in-game.
And I was so insecure that I went *safe* with a e rating.
Estranger said:
No.21 seems to be wearing shorts in-game.
Sorry, I forgot to remember to check this out. Since we know her name now I compared this image to the other posts, and I do think those are just tight, short-like bottoms now. I have changed the rating to reflect this.
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