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animal_ears breasts brown_hair bunny_ears condom cum furen_e_lustario headband long_hair navel nijisanji nipples no_bra nude pussy red_eyes uncensored velceed

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I knowwwww we're not supposed to make comments about editing images or whatever, but it suuuuuure would be nice if that condom and spudge was removed...

It's actually kinda weird that there isn't a version like that from the artist themselves.
Yeah...there is always cum or a condom. That kinda bothered me too.
It looks like it'd be a pretty easy edit too, for someone who knows what they're doing and how to blend stuff.
RyuZU said:
I edited it
Woooooooooooo! See! It never hurts to ask!

Thank you. uwu
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