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Fuck NFTs right to heck.

Actually, I wonder if the artist even knows this is being sold? I don't see any mention of it on their Twitter, or that they deal in NFTs at all (usually artist will put that kind of info in their bios).
I dunno. I don't have a good feeling about this site anyway.
I checked to see if the image was on Danbooru, like maybe an older post, but it wasn't. This image wasn't on the artist's recent Twitter timeline either...

It's just soooooo easy to steal shit and sell it as an NFT. I heard that they've implemented an NFT cross reference database on Deviant Art in order to inform artist if their work was being sold by a third party as an NFT.
It's really suspicious. The site popped up out of nowhere and is full of paid rewards. My first thought was that it is something like fantia, gumroad, patreon and stuff but I doubt it is.
I had a rummage in danbooru's artist info. I think we're looking at something legitamitely commissioned, but as to wither the artist knew it was going to be resold is harder to say.

I can't find anything bad against the site currently, but where possible, source from sites not based on a system that makes it hard to hold thieves to account (ie. crypto currency).
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