alex_(minecraft) amamiya_ren arms_(game) banjo_(banjo-kazooie) banjo-kazooie cross donkey_kong_(series) doubutsu_no_mori final_fantasy final_fantasy_vii food gashigashi group hikari_(xenoblade) homura_(xenoblade) incineroar kazooie_(banjo-kazooie) kingdom_hearts king_k._rool male metroid minecraft min_min persona persona_5 pokemon princess_daisy samus_aran sephiroth shizue_(doubutsu_no_mori) sora splatoon steve_(minecraft) super_smash_bros. tagme_(character) xenoblade

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I gotta go somewhere so if anyone wants to tag the rest of the copyrighted games and characters that'd be pretty cool. Otherwise I'll come back later and do it myself.
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