alisaie_leveilleur alpha_(ff14) alphinaud_leveilleur ameliance_leveilleur animal_ears au_ra biggs_(ff14) black_hair boots brown_hair bunny_ears catgirl dragon elezen emet-selch erenville estinien_varlineau feathers final_fantasy final_fantasy_xiv f'lhaminn_qesh fourchenault_leveilleur garlean glasses goggles g'raha_tia gray_hair green_eyes green_hair hat hermes_(ff14) horns hythlodaeus hyur krile_mayer_baldesion_(ff14) lalafell lili_mdoki long_hair loporrit lyse_hext matoya_(ff14) miqo'te nero_tol_scaeva omega_(final_fantasy) pointed_ears red_eyes roegadyn short_hair tail tataru_taru thancred_waters urianger_augurelt varshahn venat_(ff14) viera wedge_(ff14) white_hair witch_hat y'shtola_rhul

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