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HUGE! Took about 8 minutes to load.
258kb/s ... Poor speed, i get 1mb/s + ... Cant open though, not enough ram I guess ^^
Big awesome pic is awesomely big !
Come on really? Who would have a screen res like that. I mean this thing could cover my room if I could pull it out of my laptop.
"640x480 pixels should be enough for everybody" -B.G.
Cuda007 said:
Bill Gates? XD
heh it becomes 2000x1045 on my computer xDD
Karthago said:
heh it becomes 2000x1045 on my computer xDD
Yeah, that's the size of the image sample.
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Also, see forum #554
I was fishing for a tuna and got a blue whale! IT'S HUGE!
Loaded for me in less than 30s. But how do I see what it is?
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