animal_ears arknights black_hair blue_eyes boots breasts brown_hair choker cleavage eunectes_(arknights) garter garter_belt gloves gray_hair group headband headphones horns industrial ines_(arknights) lin_(arknights) long_hair mkt_(pixiv15187870) motorcycle navel necklace pointed_ears ponytail purple_eyes red_eyes schwarz_(arknights) see_through short_hair shorts skirt stockings tail tattoo thighhighs torn_clothes w_(arknights) yellow_eyes

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I've tagged everyone except for the far right girl. Danbooru has it tagged as Ling but I think that might be a mistake as it looks nothing like her.
The character on the far right would be Lin not Ling, Lin isn't a playable character just yet in Arknights global, but she's in a lot of the story.
So it was a typo. Thaaaaaank you.
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