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Could I get this translated? I'm really interested in what is being said.
ok I see a:
USP. 45
china lake
S.A.A. (single action army)

correct me if im wrong.
Top left hand gun is a Glock 17 (or derivative, perspective is distorted in the picture so I can't be sure)
Top middle gun is a M79 break action grenade launcher (not a China Lake which is a pump action)
Top right hand gun is a Glock 18 (full auto it appears otherwise it wouldn't be compensated)
Middle left hand is MK II frag grenade.
Middle right hand is S&W 500.
Gun under the 500 I have no idea. Reminds me of a KelTec PMR-30 but the slide is too large. Edit: It apears to be a Strayer Voigt Infinity GIGANT.
Bottom left hand is an MP5K due to the shorted barrel.
Bottom upper right is the M79 again.
Bottom lower right is a Winchester M1873 lever action rifle.

I know the guns. I just want to know what is being said about the guns and the girls. Such as why is there a note on her pants!?
The Strayer Voigt Infinity line, never made this gun; this is a representation of a Airsoft toy named GIGANT (I keep two Infinity's and work with their custom shop occasionally). Your "Glock 18" shown is an Airsoft toy. Glock 18's, full auto or not, don't look like that (and no full-auto weapon needs to be ported or compensated; it's a matter of choice). Most FA Glocks aren't. My FA 17 isn't, but I keep a 32 round mag sticking out if it)... The MP5 looks like a PDWK variant, but it could be the artist...
I knew the GIGANT was an airsoft when I looked it up (which made me want this translated even more) I found it via the SV logo on the grip. I was telling the gun I found, not what type of gun it was.
The 18C I was going off the slide (selective fire), the grip, the trigger (Glock trademark), plus the 18C next to it. Compensation is usually to increase control when being fired at full auto. The only Glock 18 I've seen was comp.
MP5K is an MP5K I've seen them before. Also this one has a full auto selection.

From what I'm understanding so far this is an airsoft advertisement. I still want to know whats being said.
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