blush brown_hair computer drink food original paper phone sayori short_hair sleeping windows

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I can picture a YTMND that zooms into the screen and then the screen in the screen and so on-
God I hate when that happens.

Man I want that sketch pad.

Plus: is the peanut soda?
Reminds me of myself when I get bored...especially while drawing something. xD
[_] said:

It is coffee
Aww, that would taste weird if it was.
Aww.... This is like the cutest picture ever! ^_^

I love her cell phone, but I'll bet it's a hassle to use--I used to have a similar one, with the numbers around the outside like that. Cool! But no fun to use :/
Well Done! You've got a wonderful job!!
someday that could be me.. crashing from a coffee rush drooling on my fucking awesome tableture in a cleverly designed outfit drawing myself in the future before i dozed....
this is my favorite picture of all time, hands down. OH and I have that very same tablet!
Interesting to note are the sketches in the right portion of the picture...
lol The face is so beauty,and it is very interest of the screen~~
Misplaced said:
How big is her tablet!?
its a medium Intuos3
hmpf ! shes using "paint tool sai" even the same version i do use xD (has the same tools)
Great idea :D
... If only I could draw as half as good as this ... Love it.
#Theres nothing u cant archive with hard work in the World of Art ! Talent is good but hard work is better !
i can help you if u really want it, if u show the determination u need !
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