Caution: Inventory count in progress.
Caution: High temperatures. Do not approach
Caution: Medical Experiments
Caution: Steep stairs
Beware of dog
Caution: Air conditioning
Beware of hallucinatory electro-magnetic waves
Caution: photography is forbidden
Caution: exam preparation in progress
Beware of frog resonance
Beware of hungry nocturnal youkai
Beware of going out during a full moon
Beware of opening gaps
Beware of witch burglary
Beware of coerced donations
animal_ears book bunny_ears bunnygirl camera cirno crossover daiyousei ex_keine fairy foxgirl fujiwara_no_mokou glasses hakurei_reimu hat horns izayoi_sakuya japanese_clothes jpeg_artifacts kamishirasawa_keine katana keroro_gunsou kirisame_marisa knife konpaku_youmu letty_whiterock long_hair maid male miko morichika_rinnosuke moriya_suwako myon mystia_lorelei patchouli_knowledge reisen_udongein_inaba ribbons rumia sergeant_keroro shameimaru_aya short_hair silhouette sword tail touhou weapon wings witch wriggle_nightbug yagokoro_eirin yakumo_ran yellow

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*Closes Tensa's gate and quickly walks away.*
I see at least someone is thinking about it twice (or thrice) before entering. You made the right decision.
-Goes threw reisens gate-
aluacard said:
-Goes threw reisens gate-
That's third to the most dangerous one.
Tensa said:
That's third to the most dangerous one.
Welp I hope I live because I like the bunny ears and want to touch them. :>
im surprised theres not one for nuclear radiation...
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