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Wow That A Nice Mix Of Cartoons :D
Awesome upload!
smash bros brawl, terrific cross over
XD ganon looks like the main member of the Jigglypuff fan club xD
That Luigi had me laughing for a full 15 minutes. WIN!
The ONLY thing I have against this picture is Link.. He's my favorite character in brawl, so I'm used to his Twilight Princess "Let's Do This" face, not this Links "der, pancakes?" face.. amazing pic either way! xD especially R.O.B gettin' fresh with zero suit. xD
FoxFire said:
I wish I still had a 64
Agreed. I miss my Donkey Kong 64...
SkeletonLen said:
That Luigi had me laughing for a full 15 minutes. WIN!
Agreed ^^, he was so emotionless in this pic
Ike, Marth & MetaKnight are like "I'll cut you down!!!"
Wish sonic would be bigger <.<
And DK's eyes kinda scare me xD
But i rly love this pic... of of my favs since years ^^
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