air_gear bakuman beck bleach cheese-kun code_geass cosplay darker_than_black death_note d.gray-man fullmetal_alchemist hibird hikaru_no_go izumi_konata katekyou_hitman_reborn lelouch_lamperouge leon lucky_star male mokona monkey_d_luffy naruto natsume_yuujinchou one_piece pandora_hearts parody rozen_maiden samurai_champloo soul_eater suzumiya_haruhi_no_yuutsu tengen_toppa_gurren_lagann vincent_nightray xxxholic

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The yellow bird is Hibird and the chameleon is Leon from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Her right arm represent Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist.
An armband on her left arm is from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.
The hairpin is from Yoko Rittona from Gurren Lagan, Lelouch from code geass is on the right poster, so is one of izumi's eye's (also from code geass).
You can see death note on the black book if you look good 2.
I suppose the sword is from bleach?, But just a rough guess since i don't watch bleach.
the pen is from ???
the feather pen is from ???
the sword on the right is from ???
the poster on the wall (left) is from ???
the hairpin is from gurren lagann
her eyes are from rozen maiden (color)
the sign or what, in her eye is from code geass
the sword on the left is from bleach
her right arm is from fullmetal alchemist
the armband is from haruhi suzumiya no yuutsu
the big skull is from bleach
the rollerblades are from air gear
the green book is from natsume yuujinchou
the hairband or what is from naruto
the little skull is from soul eater
the GO stone is from hikaru no go
the wanted poster is from one piece
the beck poster is from beck
the white mask is from darker than black
the rabbit like thing is larg from xxxholic and tsubasa
the chameleon is leon from katekyo hitman reborn
the fat yellow thing with the hat is cheese-kun from code geass
the yellow bird is hibird from katekyo hitman reborn
the poster on the wall (right) is from code geass, lelouch
The sword on the right is from Samurai Champloo. It belonged to Mugen.
the pen is from bakuman I think..
the left poster on the wall is Nightray Vincent from Pandora Hearts ^^
You incorperated all my favorite anime inot one scene, awesome
The thing flying around of the right sword is from D-Grayman
the right sword is mugen's from samurai champloo
awesome work, but it will not be my wallpaper until I manage to make it 16:9
And don't forget the notebook from death note.
Also, the red drawing or something around her right eye is from D-gray man, and so is the golden flying thing.
It's awesome.
There's nothing more dangerous than a fully armed otaku! (x.x)
Adorei as fotos do Lelouch *-*
Bakuman- pen
Bleach -zampakutou
Katekyo hitman reborn-leon
D. Gray-man-scar and... I forgot
One piece - wanted list
death note
Thats all what i know:-)
Kona-chan looks adorable :)
Vesperia said:
Kona-chan looks adorable :)
OK I just had to lol... OF COURSE Konachan looks adorable~ It's a black, Kanade-logo-like, pleasant imageboard~ 8D
Tensa said:
OK I just had to lol...
I had the same thought when I read that comment ^_~
haha I know XD sorry I only stumbled into watching Lucky Star recently but I'm thoroughly enjoying it ^_^
that's just way too awesome.
best otaku ive ever seen yet xD
From left to right, top to bottom.

I just realized there's only one thing that I didn't (either remember or) know on this whole picture... I'm bad...
What about neon genesis evangelion, gundam, inuyasha, eureka 7 , kuroshitsuji, dragon ball, digimon,
heres what me and my cousin came up with
the monoka form tsubasa the death note the chick is from lucky star naruto headband the guy in the other picture is from lelouch rebellion theres a flier from beck and go peices as well the dual colored eyes are from rozen maiden the the band acros the right arm is from the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya deaths mask from soul eater is next to the at on the right the at from air gear are on chicks feet the wanted poster from one piece
umm we had more but i dont remember them all .
Konata is undoubtably the ultimate otaku.
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