anthropomorphism armor azure_lao_shan_lung fatalis khezu lunastra male monster_hunter rajang rathalos starshadowmagician sword teostra weapon white white_fatalis

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wow awesome sets of armor i like all of them but especially the last one the guy with the katana and blue armor
one of them is naked you know
i agree the azure lao guy is so bad a$$
all of them are awesome and the girl armor are sexy XP
Nice. Left to right armour sets:
1. Rathalos
2. Gold Rathian
3. Khezu
4. Kashaloadora
5. Lunstra
6. Teostra
7. ??? Nacked XD
8. White fatalis
9. Fatalis
10. Asure Lou-Shao Lung
the last one on the end is a girl not a guy, te guys wear pleeted pants and the girls wear like apleeted dress
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