Anal Sex
Sex, with a photo
Sex (Without kissing)
Blow job
Hand job
Strip her off
Panties used for 30 days
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I can somehow imagine whats written on the menu...
I'll get the 40.000 one please
Haha, would anyone mind translating? :P
It reminds me of a H-Game.
pantsu 3,000
used pantsu (wearing 30days) 5,000
strip 8,000
strip her off 9,000
watch masturbation 10,000
hand job 12,000
blow job 15,000
sex 40,000
sex & recording 60,000
anal sex 100,000

translations are bit strange, cuz I have no clue what they say in English :p
Well, now we know what Shuugo's into.. lol
*whistles* as if nothing happened
rargy said:
Well, now we know what Shuugo's into.. lol
I lol'd. But thanks for telling us what it said, midzki. ^^
this reminds me of one of tony taka's drawings
Cuda007 said:
It reminds me of a H-Game.
hahahaha yes, your have the reason.
phew quite expensive. I would probably go for 15 000 yen.
Shuugo said:
*whistles* as if nothing happened
I see what you did there.
100000 yen! will neva change ma mind
3000 yen = $32
5000 yen = $54
8000 yen= $86
and so on
60000 = $684
100000 yen = $ 1081
not that i have picked up a hooker before but that sounds like better be good
There it's one that's missing that's onani in other words masturbation, but i don't know how to add notes, so can anyone edit it for me?
Oh please, how can a girl have sex/anal sex with a girl..,
DeD Mmmm... And I would say those prices are too right... Imean selling virginity... Wait no, selling sex is expensive D: I would like a mixture of a hand and blow please...
I would like the 10,000 and the 60,000... LOL
damn... and thinked that this girl from To Love Ru is a nice girl, i mean not perverted little perverted jokes wount do any harm... but now it's a big pain that shes not real... =_= (joke) ))
12,000 and 15,000 will do me good
Welp I would have to pay 200k yen every 3 days :T Do to me picking 40k, 60k and 100k.
Just a question... 20 thousand yen for a picture? What's with that?
Goggles:D said:
Just a question... 20 thousand yen for a picture? What's with that?
Its of you 2 doing it. The reason why is it can be spread threwout the media.
Why pay? Use some rope and get it free.
Kumacuda said:
Why pay? Use some rope and get it free.
Hmm, spoken like a true pervert.
Why ain't there a package deal like all of the given for 200k yen
The first one sounds like a rip-off (when you put it next to the one under it) It makes me think she is trying to sell us new panties, at a very high price. I would laugh if someone pick that one and she brought out a pair of brand new panties, puts them on, waits five seconds, takes them off and hands it to them. No refund.
Kumacuda said:
It reminds me of a H-Game.
Which one?
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