all_male animal blue bubbles fish green_hair male original topless underwater water watermark yilee

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Damn this looks awsome! <3
scary~! Im reeally afraid of these sharks with the blue eyes!
this is amazing :) so many different species of shark combined it puts davy jones to shame XD
When I heard about that anime about a squid girl who wants to invade the land because humans have polluted her home I knew things wouldn't work in her favor...but if she's friends with these bad boys I think we're screwed. (x_x)
That is a BIG FUCKING SHARK! Sharks terrify me >.<
i love sharks! they a scared and amazing.
totally wicked! i love the continuation of the hair.
Damn, I thought it was a girl swimming. Now that I look at it, the large shark looks like actor Marty Feldman to me...
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