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wahh so pretty <3 love her tie and her mesmerizing eyes @[email protected]

But what is that little white thing on the side of her mouth?
Wow, the only rated:s image to make into the top 20 for last year.... :/ sad really.
O_o It wasn't a vocaloid. Maybe Apple are manipulating the scores XD
SciFi said:
O_o It wasn't a vocaloid.
That made me laugh. And there's only one Voca image there.
Brilliant. Simply brilliant. (T_T)

On an unrelated note, what is she sitting on? A radio tower?
Agos said:
On an unrelated note..., what is she sitting on? A radio tower?
Don't see how this is unrelated seeing as it deals with the post in question. (Comments are reserved for comments about the image in the post after all ^_~ not general discussion...Despite what happens now and then in some post comment sections ^_^; )

As to your question itself: Radio towers wouldn't have speakers mounted on them (at least not the kind shown/used here.) She seems to be sitting on a table (and her foot on a chair.) I'd say she's on a Balcony/Terrace/Porch/Veranda/Deck of some sort.
If it weren't for that apple thing, this pic would be perfect :P
I'm sure someone would be willing to photoshop it out...Or make it Android/Zune or something else...^_~

What's really depressing is the fact that ipod is a tag...
Another picture from Osu! i had to look up.
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