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Oh wow, this is awesome. *Sets background*

Thank you kindly for this upload. :)
I'm going to assume the artist has limited or no experience playing the violin -

1) Her hand is too high over the balance point on the bow, and she'd lose grip holding it like that. For most bows, you'd be touching the hair holding it that high.

2) All four available fingers are on the fingerboard, so one can assume she is playing a four note chord. However, that is a very awkward chord, and no where on the sheet music is there a four note chord.

3) The bow is hovering right over the fingerboard, and the angulation of the bow further suggests that she is playing too high up. The sound will suffer playing too far from the violin's bridge (you generally want it exactly in between the bridge and fingerboard).

4) It is impossible to hold the violin in that way while tilting her head down like that; she should be holding the violin in the opposite direction that it is facing. You'd break your arm trying. Either that, or you won't be able to reach high up the fingerboard with your left hand, which you need to play the notes. I haven't seen anyone do the fingerboard with their right hand before.

Anyway, just being too hyper analytical here; I'm in no way more than a hobby violinist, and I don't presume to be a master. A great image; I applaud the artist for showing detail, as very few artists even attempt to show a detailed pose with a violin; as it is much more complex than it looks.
AlphaNumerical said:
Ok, really just enjoy the damn pic, its not easy making dead on images.
Someone's taking their anime-based wallpapers a little too seriously.

Besides, she's Nagato Yuki. She can do whatever the crap she wants and it'll work. You can't tell me her baseball posture was proper either. >_>;
He killed a catgirl. Stone him!
Dear god that is one of the longest rants on a simple picture I've heard.

makaan said:
He killed a catgirl. Stone him!
That made me laugh. :3
makaan said:
He killed a catgirl. Stone him!
He's a Murderer!!!
makaan said:
He killed a catgirl. Stone him!
no need to,actally. There are TOO MUCH catgirls anyways.... One more,one less... It won't change a thing.
one of my favorite pictures ever thanx for uploaden it
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