chii chobits signed vector

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The only problem is the sign.. its to big!
I know T_T
Ideally, a signing shouldn't exceed the start bar height.
I noticed the copyrightfag had a too huge e-penis when I was uploading it. I guess it's easier to find a detexted version if it's here than being only in animepaper but oh well.
I don't get why people are doing it anyway. All Images you make are automagically "copyrighted", if you make them entirely yourself, that is.

This, however, is just vectored and the original image's copyright is that of clamp, which makes the copyright notice even more fail.

It seems to me that the "creator" (well rather the processor) of this image desperately tried to enlarge his e-penis, and failed.
You know the coloring isn't too bad (except around Chii's cloths) so it can be edited out/made smaller.
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