animal animal_ears barefoot black_eyes black_hair blonde_hair blue_eyes book braids brown_hair bunny_ears bunnygirl cat catgirl dog doggirl drink flowers food glasses goggles gray_eyes gray_hair green_eyes group guitar headphones horns instrument japanese_clothes kimono loli long_hair masakichi mask music orange_eyes original petals pink_hair pointed_ears ponytail purple_hair red_eyes red_hair ribbons sake scarf school_uniform short_hair sleeping tail tree twintails weapon white_hair yellow_eyes

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Copyright, character, artist and existing tags. Assuming there is no equivalent.
Probably less than half.
NERVchild said:
how much of the tag should be imported to konachan?
Only the useful general tags (if they're meaningless Danbooru tags, they'll probably get removed anyway).
And of course the artist/copyright/character tags.
I think a good limit are tags that could be useful on searches.
Ah, this image makes me feel old after realizing how long I've used this site.
It look like it could be Massive multiple Player. It looks fun :D
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