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I was organizing my media folder when it hit me:

Does anyone else think this looks like Himemiya Milan/Miran from Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu? (Minus the trademark star under her eye.)

I was wondering why the char design looked so familiar for a while...Now that Himemiya is a regular on NHnH, it dawned on me.

Now the question is: Is this actually supposed to be her, or just a similar design...?
I think it's just a smilar design. The similar post on moe has only the sayori tag too.
No. I don't think she look's like whoever you said she look's like. Sayori just made a portrait of herself. That's all.
Oh, so this is a self portrait?

And yeah, it's not Himemiya Milan. Hiemiya has pink-ish purple hair. Just realized it.

Still a nice pic though.
her small eyes are really tantalizing.
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