aqua_eyes aqua_hair breasts gia gun hatsune_miku long_hair panties skirt thighhighs twintails underboob underwear vocaloid weapon

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The only problems are the Face and the Eyes
What bullets? There is only casings which look more like power cells.
Posted 2 days ago The bullets are backwards

you're bad 囧
The Eye's are fine, but only 1 thing is not good.. the boobs ... xD
What's wrong with the breasts?
Stop looking at all the minor details and just enjoy the picture..
bigger isnt always better (yes it is lots of times but not always:P)
Well bigger is better if you want too have 2 portable killing machines.
I'd always go for the smaller sized, but hey that's just me.
This picture is perfect, the only thing I can complain about are the baseless complaints.
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