darker_than_black hei

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This is my first job in the photoshops. Hope good....
i want that render... xP
I have to hand it to you, not bad for you first photoshop, however there are a few parts by the hair I don't like.
It stands out a mile away, but then I've been photoshopping images for some time so I can see these things - the bg is patterned, the guy isn't.
SciFi said:
the bg is patterned, the guy isn't.
I notice that too, but it was the hair I didn't like.
I'm from Russia, so do not understand English. I understand that you do not like hair !?!?!? Then if there is spare time, I processed the picture again.
The background looks like fabric, the guy looks like paper (not literally). Ideally they should be the same so you can't tell it was two images.

russian translation
looks awesome when shrunk, but in the full size i think the lighting needs a bit of fixing on the person(probably woulda been better to lower the color saturation to make it duller then darken it). good job though for your first
winz93, just select Hei and feather the outline by like 5px, maybe add a tiny bit of dark glow, that should make it stand out far less.
OK, I'll try to correct their work!
Whatever the others have said, i must say that this is the best darker than black art/image i have seen in a great while. GJ
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