anthropomorphism gia original pink_hair red_eyes robot short_hair

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The truth is that this is awesome, but ........
I think it's a bit scary (O_o)
Very good image!, XD!
Yet another reason not to screw with girls.
My opinion is that, its a half girl half robot, but all spider.
okay ... i pls say me some one what the hell is gia ?!?!
i want it to know ....
Meeh, that guy who posted this picture stole my avatar.

Mods hit him hard please xD.

/tyvm mods/
gia is the artist, plain an simple. It's probably the name of the pixiv account rather than their real name, because not everyone wants everyone to know who they are.
His images are a bit cold, but very good. (^_^)
We must thank for this good image!
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