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Last Ep. Aired! - What do you think about this Anime? (I`ve seen the sub from Mazui)
Sci wants more T_T

Sci watched it yesterday @ about midday GMT on animedreaming
A lot of action, great anime overall
SciFi said:
Sci wants more T_T
I also want another season of this
I never watched it due to the Index one where Index didn't end up in a romantic relationship with that guy...
It was a mediocre anime at best; could have ended it with 12 episodes.
season 1 was better. S2 was slow at first, is getting better at the end. I still need 2 episodes, waiting for nuke to sub the last.
I was actually hoping they would do another arc from the manga, but it's nice that the two primary/main arcs they did for the anime were actually related.

I hope they do an S2 to cover the arc I had hoped for.
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