Black Rock Shooter
Chaining Intention
Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu
Clock Lock Works
Just be Friends
World is Mine
Koi Wa Sensou

Love is War

1925_(vocaloid) aqua_eyes aqua_hair barefoot bath bathtub black_rock_shooter breasts chaining_intention_(vocaloid) clock_lock_works_(vocaloid) hatsune_miku hatsune_miku_no_shoushitsu_(vocaloid) just_be_friends_(vocaloid) koi_wa_sensou_(vocaloid) long_hair magnet_(vocaloid) melt_(vocaloid) nude rook_(cage) saihate_(vocaloid) towel twintails vocaloid water world_is_mine_(vocaloid)

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Those are all the songs I recognize, anyone finish them?
This is somewhere I'd totally listen music at.
I tried that once, the condensation killed my radio. :(
Thankfully it was a cheap radio and I didn't try it with my laptop. :D
Added the last note, Chaining Intention.

*O there's still one in the left, which means I didn't add the last one ;)*
Theres one more on the left.
Cuda007 said:
Theres one more on the left.
Lmao, nice timing. Exactly at the same time as I edited my post =).
Now seriously that's a nice tub.
I wonder how much it'd cost for a bathroom like this?
A transparent bathtub, wow nice Idea for an Artwork. I love it.
Love the colors, and the art. great place to listen to music if u have a water prof radio. LOL
Ya seems fun but i do want a glass tub
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