abarai_renji ayasegawa_yumichika black_eyes bleach blue_eyes blue_hair dark_skin glasses gloves grand_theft_auto group hitsugaya_toushirou inoue_orihime ishida_uryuu jpeg_artifacts katana kuchiki_byakuya kuchiki_rukia kurosaki_ichigo long_hair madarame_ikkaku male matsumoto_rangiku orange_hair parody petals purple_eyes purple_hair red_hair ribbons school_uniform shihouin_yoruichi short_hair suit sword tie weapon white_hair yellow_eyes

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Whoever thought of this is a genius.

That being said, some of the pictures don't quite fit a GTA premise, but overall this has got to be one of the best things I've seen in a while.
I would definitely buy this game if it was real
It'd be awesome I have to admit, and I don't even like grand theft auto.
solechris said:
how bout a guitar hero game?
awesome! :3
hmm? Call of Duty :spirit-world at war?
this is a brilliant idea. amazing. i never think about it before..
Yoruichi is missing cleavage
I agree with wiresetc I would so own this game if it was real
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