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I don`t like animes like yu-gih-oh, but this pic is cool.
Cant really consider yugioh an anime, its more like a 30 minutes trading card commercial x3
lol I agree with gnarf and Enko. though when i first opend this i was like "hey look dark magician girl >////<" and then quickly followed by "oh its Yu-Gi-Oh"
of the few I saw, many years ago, the Dark Magician was most definitely male. However those were dubs so it is more than likely the idiots changed the character. So I only ever had the "oh its Yu-Gi-Oh, who's gonna stick a strange key in his split personality next"
I don't even count them among the anime I've watched, because they were just 25/30 min adverts.
The only time I watch Yu-Gi-Oh was when it aired on Cartoon Network, back when it was the shit, everyone had its trading cards, everyone had them.
GX and 5d's...bleh...the original series was far better overall.
Added some tags, johan andersen and Bakura ryo are in a poster in the back of Bruno.
dark magician girl is a figurine on top of a shelf. also past Kaiba and I think that is Ishizu Ishtar are on boxes below Yuesi but i didn't want to get too technical lol XD
I don't this is something one dude should do with another dude, yeah.
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