aizawa_sakuya asakaze_risa blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_hair blush brown_hair glasses green_eyes green_hair hanabishi_miki harukaze_chiharu hayate_no_gotoku kasumi_aika katsura_hinagiku katsura_yukiji kijima_saki long_hair maid maria_(hayate_no_gotoku) nishizawa_ayumu nude onsen pink_hair purple_hair red_eyes saginomiya_isumi sanzenin_nagi segawa_izumi short_hair sonia_shaflnarz towel

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Xp They removed the small amount of text, but didn't run it though GreyC
Talk about fanservice overkill! There's such a thing as being subtle. Ow well, I don't really mind...(Nosebleed)
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