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Huh...Art style reminds me of the Kampfer char designs...Natsuru's in particular. I kinda like how she looks here more than how she was in StrikerS.

Hope they expand Force or Vivid into an animated series or something. (I just hope they don't piss it away like StrikerS if they did...)

BTW, what's with the "Sword Breaker" name? Mach Caliber are the rollerblades/skates, but I know her gloves are named "Revolver Knuckle"...Did she swap out her Armed Device? (Speaking of which, she's the only char to use 2 separate devices at the same time...)
I agree too on a Force and/or Vivid anime, but they need to get more chapters out so it might take awhile for that to happen.

Anyway Sword Breaker if you look at the actual Design page from a screenshot or the actual magazine, is on her left hand/arm. It use to be an armored fingerless glove there before and since I haven't seen a translation of the page yet I don't know what it's used for except for maybe it's names sake.

Also I think Hayate is technically the first one to use 2 or 3 devices, since she has the book, staff, and Reinforce which are all actually seperate (Actually I think the book and staff are both the same thing so its why I said 2 or 3.) Plus theres Ginga her sister, temporarly Vita with Reinforce, and now Signum with Agito, plus I guess our new shining star Touma in Force though it's hard to understand that yet.
There are no transform scenes for MS6 yet. The only ones from strikers seen in armour are Signum & Agito, and Fate & Teana briefly (flash backs don't count)
It is probably based off of her Combat Cyborg ability, but there is no translation available for the text.

The chapter the source image for this came with should be translated in a couple days, based on previous chapters.
Bardiche752 said:

Also I think Hayate is technically the first one to use 2 or 3 devices...
Ah, forgot about that...Though technically, if I understood how A's went (this is part of the reason why I think StrikerS kinda sucks), the Original Reinforce was part of the Book of Darkness/Tome of the Night Sky. And as far as I recall, Schwertzkreuz (Hayate's staff) is also a manifestation of the Book/Tome. As Reinforce II/Zwei is a re-incarnation of Reinforce, I thought the book and Rein were one and the same. At least according to the events in A's. I'm not sure how Seven Arcs decided to interpret the Tome's destruction and re-incarnation with Rein Zwei appearance. (Did they get separated into two distinct entities?)


Part of the reason I like the Nanoha series was it's background info and stuff on the world and setting. StS kinda pissed it away in that regard too. (10 years after A's and Belkan style magic and Devices are somewhat common now? Then there's Vivid's expansion of the Strike Arts introduced in StS...)

Yeah, I like technical details and notes. I appreciate the detail and logic authors puts into their creation to make their world more sensible/believable. Anyway, we shall see, I guess. (here's hoping for a good movie remake of A's!)
Yeah I like most of the background, organizations, past cultures like the Belkan, and the fact of the magical structure with magic and tech combined. I will admit I like all of Nanoha, even StrikerS. I think they explained in like the A's Epilogue or StrikerS manga about Modern Belkan starting to surface while only 3 known people, Wolkenritter not included, know Ancient Belkan magic before it was wiped out by all the wars.

You are right that the original Reinforce was a part of the Book of Darkness, a manifistation of the Book when talking to Hayate (and later) and of course as the Defense Program outside in A's. In a technical term the staff Hayate gets after gaining control is from the Book/Her Mind (As she needed to imagine the armor and stuff like Nanoha did, same for doing the Wolkenritter's armor). But in the A's Epilogue manga which is between A's and StrikerS (Pretty much right after the end of A's), they mention her staff being a Version 8 and is considered an Armed Device. Or in some twisted ironic simplicity she just looked through the information contained/collected from the Book and pulled out that staff as her own.

You are semi-right about the book and Reinforce Zwei being the same though, as she was made from Hayate's Linker Core (and hence, Reinforce's) 2 years after the incident. Nobody really knows the book Hayate (And Rein II's smaller version) except that it's probably the Tome of the Night Sky itself (Which is unexplainable), but it isn't listed as a device.

Anyway, I still can't wait for the next design, which will be next month, as the magazine suddenly became monthly from Bi-Monthly (maybe due to popularity as it rivals another magazine).
Thank megami-sama! A fellow Nanoha geek~!

As for StS...I don't mind it if I ignore it's predecessors and think of it as a standalone series (though even then it's just reasonably decent/above average). If I consider it's lineage though, StS was just too diluted. (The series grew faster than they could manage.)

Anyway, back on the image: are they releasing a Nanoha related image each issue or something?
That seems to be the premise. The magazine does release Force every issue but sadly nobody knows which character will be next, but it's all based on their own character, except Nanoha's kinda. While yes being a giant cannon (and sword when closed), the translation says theres more than one and Vita (In her own colors like Nanoha's) has one cause it's still experimental, and they are the only 2 that can handle it.

It's all done by the same artist and everything is expected Vita, Signum, or Fate next, maybe even Teana since they did Subaru here.

I do like Mach Calibur's more slicker design which seem to be armor addons, and the replacement of the Booster exhaust pipes version with a compacted jet engine with vents in the front version. Sword Breaker can also feel like it can create an energy shield from the part on top of her hand, but we'll have to wait for the translation like SciFi said which will hopefully be soon.

Edit: I will correct myself, there has been a translation up for a couple of days. Of course this is another test model, it's AEC equipment and all we know is that it's "Defence equipment for Melee Combat users." So I guessed in the right direction, where it will lead we just have to keep reading. Side Note: Translation says the difference between Mach Calibur and AX versions is like a Truck --> Sports Car.
I can keep it short, Magical girl Lyrical Nanaho was the best Mahou Shoujo anime. O and still is...
Fate is my waifu xD. She got me into Twintails aargh!
Which magazine are these images from then?
Artwork said:
I can keep it short, Magical girl Lyrical Nanaho was the best Mahou Shoujo anime. O and still is...
Fate is my waifu xD. She got me into Twintails aargh!
I agree, Fate is my waifu too and mainly got me into most of the blonde anime characters and twintails on the side.

StahnAileron said:
Which magazine are these images from then?
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