hit-girl kick-ass

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Errrr...would you call this even a anime image....? Or are we going to have the whole Halo_Legends thing again with this.
Honestly, I don't think this is right for this site. I mean, it's in Anime style but the movie is live action and isn't even Japanese.
Well, it is in the anime style.
hmmm i think the pic is cool and so it is an Anime pic also is it right here
There aint no halo legends this time. Those had Japanese Studios making them, this didn't.
let it have its 3 days, I'm not sure anyone else is going to approve it anyway (just keep the list short)
it doesn't have to be *from* an anime, or doujin, or anything like that to qualify as an anime wallpaper - the style is all that counts, or else we'd get rid of crossover wallpapers, and original artwork that has no source other than the artist. Also, look at Heroman... it may be drawn by the Japanese, but the creator is entirely Stan Lee. Just leave this up, it's not doing any harm.
I like it. *saved before moderation*
Yeah, I agree with Kataxu. It's a nice ANIME style wallpaper. If this isn't acceptable then neither are any of the OS-tans because they are based on non-Japanese made Operating Systems. Really, you guys are just splitting hairs.
kaishu said:
Really, you guys are just splitting hairs.
....Well, we can.
Cuda007 said:
....Well, we can.
Of course. That still doesn't mean it makes any sense though. =D
"Sense" only matters when you're talking about facts. It has very little use when it comes to opinions. Politicians have proven that point already.
does it really matter? as long as its in anime style or has anime involved i say let it stay.

in anycase what is this about Halo Legends? that perfectly qualifies. the origin of the story is irrelevant. i mean if you think about it almost every other movie, cartoon, anime, book, etc. is an offshoot of Romeo and Juliet.
I don't want to enter in this discussion.... thou I strongly support the mods this time...
Might as well take down all wallpapers of Korean/Chinese original too, it's not anime either.
Kataxu said:
Might as well take down all wallpapers of Korean/Chinese original too, it's not anime either.
And those are? Look... this one has it's edges messed up all over.
It is a way to draw an art, but I do not approve of this art on Konachan.
I saw a trailer. Not sure if I want.
Anyway, I do like this version ^_^;
I disagree on this getting approved, but whatever...
For those who care, the artist who drew this is Korean. I was perfectly aware of this and the fact that Kick-Ass is not an anime when I uploaded this wall, but I thought it's the style that counts and this looks anime-ish enough for me.

If the mods decide to delete this for whatever the reason, I don't really mind, it's up to them to decide whether something's right for Konachan or not anyway.
Let it stay Let it stay!! Its anime style its not botherin no one, and i like it!
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