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Changed rating to Explicit due to the background.
There is hentai ;)
there are 2 others in this theme that i believe were marked as questionable but had the similar "explicit" small scenes on the film reel
disregard my statement, someone found and changed them to "explicit"
I didn't order a penguin...
Agos said:
I didn't order a penguin...
Keep it anyway: might grow into a Penpen or an Etopen.
Maid: Welcome to the Moe-Kona Cafe, here is your complementary penguin and water ice.
Nice haru's wallpaper, may i know this scan belongs to which artbook?
I like the penguin suit in the second to the far right :D
*looks at avatars*

The Kanade's are multiplying (from the same main image no less ^_^)...Didn't think my comment and actions in the forum would slowly leech out like this...^_^;

Wonder if Shuugo's contemplating changing "Konachan" to "Kanachan" if he could...
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