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Those are some nice shoes. ^_^
You would notice them first.
First thing Mum would do when Sis gets new shoes is wonder if she can borrow em.

Personally I want to know what she is reading, if its good and if I can join her.
I believe she is reading "Nameless Brown Book".
It's Len's journal, what else do you think it is? ?:/
Reprogramming Vocaloids and NPCs for Dummies.
(Anything) for Dummies is a black and yellow book, this is brown.
Would you want someone to know you are reading about that subject?
Parcel paper (brown & cheap) will make it brown.
Sci makes a good point. It's a JPN custom to have books wrapped. They'll do it at the register if you ask them. (Most places will ask you first anyway, unless you're buying a large number of items.) It's both for privacy and to protect the book cover.
ahhhhh, this is so cute I don't know what to do :333
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