angel_beats! fish_saito fujimaki group hinata_hideki hisako irie_miyuki iwasawa_masami matsushita nakamura_yuri naoi_ayato noda ooyama otonashi_yuzuru sekine_shiori shiina tachibana_kanade takamatsu takeyama tk yui_(angel_beats!) yusa

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/facepalm ... I already forgot some of them... name help pl0x...
That's what the "Related Characters" link is for! ^_~
StahnAileron said:
That's what the "Related Characters" link is for! ^_~
Never used and will never use "Related" links ^_~
Why not? It great for being lazy, unsure, or forgetful ^_^ (And preventing typos/mis-spellings.)
Noda is gonna get punched by the looks of it.
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