You taught me that, so I’m not scared anymore
You’ve got to let go of my hand that you gripped

Even if I’m alone, I’ll go on, even if it’s tough
I’ll definitely take along the dream I had with everyone
I’m glad to be with everyone, I’m glad to have been with everyone
But on the morning when I wake up, no one is there

Even if I look back, no one’s shadow is there anymore
Only the puddles shined
Living my life- It’s confronting my life
If I understand it, then after that, I only need the courage to step forward

I’ll go everywhere, that’s what I learned here
I’ll show you I’ll fulfill the dream known as happiness
Even if I’m separated from everyone, no matter how far apart we are
This me will live in a brand-new morning

Even if I’m alone, I’ll go on, even if I want to die
I can hear your voice, saying, “You mustn’t die”
Even if it’s tough, even if I’m trapped in the dark
Deep in my heart, a light has been lit

Cycling and flowing, the times change
I can’t recall what happened anymore
But if I try closing my eyes, there’s everyone’s laughter
Somehow that’s my most precious treasure now
angel_beats! fujimaki hinata_hideki hisako irie_miyuki iwasawa_masami matsushita nakamura_yuri naoi_ayato new_yamari noda ooyama otonashi_yuzuru sekine_shiori shiina tachibana_kanade takamatsu takeyama tk yui_(angel_beats!) yusa

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This is just begging to be translated :3
In case you're wondering what the words are for,

Ichiban no Takaramono ^^~
Angel Beat's Heaven's Door Is the Prequel to the Animated Series, How the "Like Hell We'll Die" squad came to be
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