cirno loli topless touhou

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-Puts Cirno Onto A Fridge-
is she sinking into the mud or melting?
She's melting, and it seems like solid ground.
This wallpaper is so sick; I love it.
Poor little girl...Is she some sort of xperiment?
Poor little girl...Is she some sort of xperiment?
She is an ice fairy. She melts because she is mostly made of ice.
nobodyshark said:
Looks like she's melting.
oh really you think?
Yeah, she's an ice fairy (and therefore can manipulate ice). But she's not automatically made from ice because of that.:D
LOL poor Cirno xD....
btw, why the tag nipples, i can't see anything :P
Owwww!!!! The legs! D: They look so painful in that position! >.<
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