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great image but how i do to change my picture profile???
For avatar setting:

Warning: Rant (Not directed at anyone in particular)
ilol94 said:
how i do to change my picture profile???
Click on the picture you want, scroll down until you see the "Set as Avatar" option on the left, then crop which part of the picture you want to be displayed as your avatar.
Konachan's badass skill: +7
damn i want that sword (sephy's sword)
AgentKoco said:
damn i want that sword (sephy's sword)
A daikatana ... you might hurt yourself if you can't balance it.
Mythica said:
Konachan's badass skill: +7
I must agree. Though I don't think being "badass" is a skill.
"tell me what you cherish most, give me the plesure of taking it away from you."
"don't you get it!? there is nothing I don't cherish!"
exept sephiroth, cloud, exept sephiroth
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