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ama_ane blue_eyes blush bra cameltoe game_cg kikurage kitamura_hiyori long_hair open_shirt panties peassoft school_uniform skirt skirt_lift spread_legs thighhighs twintails underwear

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Shouldn't be possible to double post. A res, file size and similarity 100% match should just redirect to the existing post.
The only difference is that this one is png and the other one is jpg. There is no difference in resolution or detail.

Can you combine the posts just like moe.imouto, so you choose between png and jpg?

Noticed, thanks for this.
You mean you haven't noticed?
Image (284.1 KB JPG)
Download PNG (771.7 KB)
This image is very nice, her face is soo moe! (>_<)
If yours had been the PNG and this the JPEG then it would be the other way around.
SciFi said:
If yours had been the PNG and this the JPEG then it would be the other way around.
So you're saying that any post can be deleted if a png is uploaded. Konachan has really become a place where anything can be posted now. A post could be riddled with jpegs and it'll still pass because some mod likes it.

All we are now are faggots that take from imouto on landscape version. I look at recent deletions and they are all dupes or +3 days on people that don't have a moderate post history.

This is the part where you tell me to complain elsewhere and flag the recent bad posts which are ignored since they are good enough and nothing changes. If this is true, then can I go back in my deletion history and ask for things to be undeleted way back when Konachan had rules?
HawthorneKitty said:
While this should be taken to the forum, I only try to approve only post that I know to have high quality, I don't have the image background that say Scifi has and cal tell right off the bat whats wrong with a image. If I'm not sure about a image i don't approve it. Also, if you wanted images from way back (since I know most were pretty good on quality) undeleted, you just had to say something.
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