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Lol at Miku,
AkitaNeru said:
What.. is this?
I think its a suicide line up, thats been censored by 4Kidz (4Kidz replaces guns with invisible guns) lul
LOL!!! YGOTAS REFERENCE FTW!!! and 'Nel'? I thought it was Neru
Why Miku is so happy about it !
Takao said:
Why Miku is so happy about it !
Shes laughing at 4Kidz epic fail of invisible guns... silly

What do you mean by YuGiOh The Abridged Series reference?... I see no reference here and ive seen it at least 3 times...
personguy said:
Miku's freakin scary
She's freakin scary AND bad ass. XD
Miku! Gordie La forge wants his visor back!
Takao said:
Why Miku is so happy about it !
she's happy cause she could wear her cyclops shades
She's happy because she's the only one who can see!
why is she smiling? b'cause her boobs get bigger. anyone notice it?
Miku just had to be special. lol. Go Miku! :D
Inconsistency in JPN >>> ENG romanization. "R" in JPN can be transliterated into "L" or "R". Nel/Nell in ENG would be translated (and pronounced) in JPN as "Neru".

It's an idiosyncracy you have to learn and get used to regarding JPN <=> ENG conversions...
And Miku-Chan breaks Character
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