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alpha_(alpha91) animal_ears black_hair blush breasts catgirl cleavage cropped green_eyes original panties tail thighhighs torn_clothes underwear

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Wait.. so if she's a cat, and she has cat ears, does she still have human ears or is her head like one big circle?
they usually skirt that issue by always having hair covering the place where her ears would be. i would imagine that if we were to see that area, perhaps it would be the base for the cat ears? covered with fur rather than exposed skin? either way, shes adorable
But this post is not excepted yet. Maybe because of the poor quality.
Is there a way to get this nekomimi through the customs?

Btw 111 votes in 15 hours!?
People like their nekomimi and catgirls...^_~
Really, personally I do not like catgirls. Must admit however, If I had a choice of another appendage, it would most definitely be a tail!
I'm in love! (*≧▽≦*)
so hot im totally in love, but what id love even more is a more leggy version, maybe a bit more heighty than widhthy so i can put it as wallpaper on my phone and still see those hot tights :@
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