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i see a Tamiya Mini 4wd,tamiya logo,an old gameboy,a cartidge type console and a box on the shelf with an HG logo probably a gundam model kit, they always have an HG logo on their box.
Hm...the console reminds me of a super nintendo. And the model...well...the models name i blurred well enough...but it is most likely a gundam model as tigerflare stated. It has what looks: R?-#5(or 6) with the first letter resembling a G. And if that is even correct with what I got. And RX-75 Is the Guntank (unknown to most people, the one in the first gundam series was RX-75-4). But of course I could be completely wrong.
The console is the Famicom, what you'd call the Japanese version of the NES.
Oh! You are right! Thanks for the reminder.
looks like an RX-??? GANDUM, i believe i also see an Atari. a Tamiya i think it was Turbo gear(?) (w/e i had one a while back cant remember the name) electric motor, a ninja turtle and It could be anything but to me it looks sorta like the entire top shelf is doraemon manga as well
Aye, its numbers, it takes a look of squinting, is RX-75, otherwise known as Guntank. I've noticed no one pointed out the orange Gamecube and controller, that one is so obvious it should have been one of the first to be pointed out. As for the gundam itself, while I am very certain of the number, because of how the objects that have logos on them with words are slightly misspelled. so the fact remains that its number is most likely RX-75 with the model name's name being gandum also being most likely.
I want to live there .... 0_0 But not with those guys....they scare they hell out of me
Since this is apparently a scan, it'd be nice to know which publication it's from, but it also seems to be part of this DeviantArt post: http://kymg.deviantart.com/art/RoopRoom-103284434
That's the artist's DA account. It's the digital version of this image.
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