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You made Hiyori cry you jerks! XP
Hey don't look at me, I just said she was a complete pervert.
*Sight* You just don't know a maidens heart
FoliFF said:
*Sight* You just don't know a maidens heart
She's a maiden?!?!!? ... nyoro~n
She's a fujoshi and a Highschooler to boot. If by "maiden" you define it as not being de-flowered/had sex yet, then sure (I would think. I can't see Hiyori all...)

If my "Maiden" you also mean pure mind and stuff...Then yeah, no...She ain't anywhere near a maiden with what goes through her head...^_^;
Well it's a definitional question^^
..."Definitional?" ^_^; Perhaps you mean, "A matter of definition?"
She is more into Yuri anyway. Usually between iwasaki minami and kobayakawa yutaka though.
StahnAileron said:
..."Definitional?" ^_^; Perhaps you mean, "A matter of definition?"
I mean what is your definition of a maiden:)

Sorry for my late post I just couldn't post more comments and sometimes my english do suck>.<
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