blue_eyes blue_hair breasts cc cleavage code_geass crossover elbow_gloves gloves green_hair himemiya_chikane himemura_saki kannazuki_no_miko open_shirt ponytail red_hair sideboob tengen_toppa_gurren_lagann yellow_eyes yoko_littner

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Hello, can anybody tell me who is gril on left? Or with anime/magna she shown up

down: ty, next time i will look
It's...too...tight... *gets shot out* Were blasting off again! (not certain why that last part ran through my head. oh well)
it has that trifeckta effect
i wonder what it feels like to get in between
wow... that's a lot of hotties put together. I wouldn't mind getting stuck in there, even if it meant suffocating! :P
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