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Excuse me waitor, there's an Azu-nyan in my teacup.
I've been trying to coax her out of the cup with milk but she still won't get out.
Try fire, it solves everything.
iamZIIIM said:
Try fire, it solves everything.
Excuse me, waiter, my cup melted... the table too... My arm's on fire now... and my leg... but you're right, Azu-nyan got out
Eh, I'm sure iamZIIIM is insured for such a thing.
At the rate she is clocking up votes she will melt the table
@PAIIS: Oh I forgot to say that you must be outside the building before you set it on fire, Sorry, my bad ^^

@forgerofsouls: Of course, Pyromaniacs need their insurance
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