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Are they doing the "Thriller" dance?
Cuda007 said:
Are they doing the "Thriller" dance?
Yes, it actually has it's own copyright tag on danbooru. I saw this the other day.
And of course, Tsukasa is the odd one out...^_^;
even after the death of M.J King of Pop, there is some trace, and they makes a beautiful tribute!
Lol damn you iamZIIIM that video is blocked in my country because of copyrights xD
Wow whats with copyright, where are you trying to watch from, FoliFF and Zchaos?
caribbean, trinidad to be exact
@iamZIIIM From Sweden and it's Sony Music Entertainment that have the copyrights which is why I can't watch it:)
LoL - Freakin' IOSYS...

For non-remix/parody (though edited for length).

Though for MMD videos using MJ songs, I prefer this one.
Zchaos said:
:( sucks to be me too ...
same here
this.. jstu seem right.. am i wrong to say that?
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