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okay... I see 4 Gary or actually 1 but the others have same character desing same with Ash. Posibilties with the diffrent character design have to do with the pokemon games mixed toghther with the anime and the manga?
The girl who is holding Garys arm could she be his sister or blue? Well I know the girl who is playing gameboy with the other Gary name is Green (or Blue as the say in the manga if I remember correctly) she is my favorit no less :P
edit: How about name them to the tag? I don't acually know their real name-.-
character designs?
maybe they refer to the 4 letters above them
Pocket Monsters "RGBY" could be RedGreenBlueYellow
and "SPE" could be SapphirePearlEmerald and so on.
Because they changed character designs of the protagonists and antagonists between these versions...
And FRLG could be for Fire Red and Leaf Green
"SPE" is manga "Pokemon Special" or "Pokemon Adventures".
Red Green Blue Yellow and FireRed LeafGreen are Games
As Arkiron said.
The kid Gary and Ash are the "anime" version.
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