hug nude sakisaka_fuminori saya saya_no_uta wet

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I just love Saya's expresion here! >_>
yep! but no one knows who is she in reality :DD
You say that as if I didn't play the VN.
He/she maybe thinks that he/she's the only one who read it (I'm a little bit alergic to "play").
ops. sorry but I meant that it's difficult to imagine who she's in reality by watching this screen...

P.D: sorry for my bad english >.<
Upscale and seems to be an upscale of the original CG graphics which is 800x600 (extracted from the game files). At least no noticeable difference, except that the color profile is missing in this image...

The same seems to be the case with the two other Saya no Uta CG images uploaded by the same user, I didn't compare them to the originals though.
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