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Hey santa you forgot load of stuff such as your white hair and beard
Well doesn't santa have monopoly to have a flying sledge? :P
Yea how do you think I got her in there? Can't play with loli's all the time you know.
She's a loli?! Damn santa what have you done... I suspect that he's probably staying home in north pole because of lack of blood. Was because of Cuda wasn't it since you gave her to him?
She"s not a loli, at least she doesn't appear to be one. Also I didn't do anything to santa.....'sept jack his sled.
You could have borrowed one from Sci. Sci has a few hover sled the catgirls use to deliver the presents to a few select people.
Am I one of the select people? How ever I wouldn't say I jacked his sled more like gave him something to get me off the naughty list with interest.
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