animal_ears chibi hat inubashiri_momiji sword tail touhou viva!! weapon wolfgirl

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Naww cute, look at her and her little chibi sword. She can guard my desk any day.
*Kisumi edges closer to Momiji as she cleans her sword, whistling innocently and holding her marker behind her back. She quickly draws a "K" on Momiji's neck and gives her a big hug.* Awwh I hope you're not already claimed~ Inubashiri Momiji has always been one of my favorites~ another case of wolfgirl close enough to foxgirl~
Don't touch my property.... ya ... PROPERTY XD
Awwh~ *Kisumi starts to rub Momiji's neck, getting the marker off... but making it look more like a massage.* Poor Momiji~ the den's open any time~ *giggle*
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